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We are new. We opened up our showroom and we are working on our products every day, every night and of course also on the weekends for you. The main approach of Civediamo is to satisfy your pleasure in drinking a great product with italian origin. We import the products directly from the region in the Emilia-Romagna around Bologna. There will also be packs for tasting food and drinks from the Emilia-Romagna in Italy soon.

What is the PIGNOLETTO Sparkling Wine?

The main product of our company is the "Pignoletto" sparkling wine. We import this sparkling wine directly from the region which is named "Colli Bolognesi". The region is in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna in Italy. The biggest city in the region is Bologna. And aournd Bologna the grape of the "Pignoletto" is growing. There are great wine producers and pretty nice wine cellars. We will also show you some of them very soon. And of course we will create a presentation here for each of those we have chosen to be in our assortment.

Always remember, Pignoletto Frizzante is the upcoming New Prosecco. :-)

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The Region where the wine is made.
The Region

The region where the grape of the sparkling wine is harvested is called "Colli Bolognesi". It is in the center of the Emilia-Romanga in the northern part of Italy. The biggest city there is Bologna.

Colli Bolognesi

Pignoletto Sparkling Wine
Pignoletto Sparkling Wine

Pignoletto sparkling wine can be a so called DOC wine. The abbreviation DOC is italian and stands for the italian words "Denominazione di origine controllata" which means controlled designation of origin.

Pignoletto Sparkling Wine

The Grape
The Grape

The name "Pignoletto" comes from the form of the grape tribe. The shape is reminiscent of a pine cone. And the italian word for the pine cone is "Pigna". The grape has a long history.

The Grape

Pignoletto Wine
Civediamo means I'll see you!

We take it literally. We are not an anonymous company. We are a company working for your drinking pleasure in city center of Vienna. Our showroom will soon be open. We are looking forward to see you there.

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